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Tennessee Licensing Courses
ClassHoursCostDescriptionLink to Class
60 Hr. Tennessee Real Estate Principles60$379New On-line Affiliate Broker 60 hour Pre-Licensing. Required course for Tennessee licensing. Includes final exam.Register
30-Hr Tennessee Course For New Affiliates - Online30$175NOTICE: THIS COURSE HAS BEEN UPDATED BY ARELLO IS BEING RE-APPROVED BY TREC. WILL BE AVAILABLE IN FEBRUARY 2016. Required Course to have Affiliate Broker license Register

Georgia Post License Courses
ClassHoursCostDescriptionLink to Class
Georgia Real Estate Post Licensing - Online25Fee: $155.00 Pd by MC/Visa/Discover American ExpressNOTICE: This course is being updated & re-approved by our course proveder. It will be available in 2016. This is the REQUIRED Georgia POST license course to maintain a Georgia license. (FOR GEORGIA CREDIT ONLY)Register

Continuing Education Courses
ClassHoursCostDescriptionLink to Class
Buyer Representation6Fee: $55A solid course on how to act as a buyer’s Agent – or complete a transaction with one. Register
Environmental Issues6Fee: $55How to recognize hidden hazards, advise the client on how best to deal with them. Teaches agents how to recognize hidden hazards, what to look for when evaluating property. Register
Real Estate & Taxes6Fee: $55Teaches real estate practitioners how tax law changes can effect their clients’ and their own real estate investment plans. Register
Property Management & Managing Risk6Fee: $55Helps real estate professionals manage liability while spreading their Efforts between sales and property management.Register
The Truth About Mold6Fee: $55This CE course will discuss mold & how to identify the most common household molds, as well as help identify the most common molds found in water damaged homes.Register
Foreclosures, Short Sales, REOs, and Auctions6Fee: $55This course will explain the foreclosure process; identify the potential alternatives to foreclosure and discuss the foreclosure procedures in different states.Register
Homes for All: Serving People with Disabilities6Fee: $55Familiarizes students with this market & how to communicate with & serve it more effectively. Gives important information about new financial products & accessible housing alternatives for this market.Register
Real Estate Finance Today6Fee: $55 Learning the use of prinicpal financing instruments - the note, mortgage, deed of trust; sources of mortgage loan funding in the primary market.Register
Risk Management6Fee: $55List four components to manage risk: education, risk shifting, risk anticipation, risk control; recognize that brokers can reduce legal liability by educating their salespeople. Seller disclosure about property, handling problems such as active fraud, intentional concealment is constructive fraud, misrepresentation & red flags.Register
Red Flags – Property Inspection Guide6Fee: $55Understand the meaning of Red Flags. Know why red flags are present in a home & be aware of the most common conditions that cause red flags. Know who to contact for advice.Register
MTG Fraud & Pred Lending6Fee: $55Explains how mortgage fraud impacts individuals & neighborhoods & will discuss the process & types of fraud.Register
Intro to Commercial Real Estate Sales6Fee: $55Understand the advantages & disadvantages of investing in real estate, four main categories of investment property, key terms & concepts, calculate rent per square foot & rent due on percentage leases, basic financial elements involved in real estate investment.Register
Fair Housing6Fee: $55An in-depth study of the fair housing laws & how these laws relate to the real estate professional in practice; working with multi-cultural clients & recognizing discrimination involving sales, lending & other services.Register
Insurance for Consumer Protection6Fee: $55 6 Hour Continuing Education onlineRegister
Insurance for Consumer Protection6$55 Register
Know the Code: Real Estate Ethics6Fee: $55Licensees will recognize the impact of corporate scandals on the public''s attitude toward ethics in general, outline specific guidelines for ethical business practice in all areas. This course will also introduce NAR''s code of Ethics.Register
Sustainable Housing & Building Green6Fee: $556 Hour Continuing education on lice course describes various types of taxes & difference between earned income & unbearned income; learn long term & short term capital gaines.Register
Understanding 1031: Tax-Free Exchange6Fee: $556 Hour Continuing Education Online course. Describes various types of taxes & difference between earned income & unearned income. Licensees will learn how to calculate capital gain on real estate transactions.Register
Scams, Scoundrels and RE Stings6Fee: $55Learn how to spot & report scammers.Learn newest schemes, like flopping.Understand high-and low-tech scammers prey on individuals & professionals, learn the liabilities that come with being associated with a real estate scam.Register
Houses: Buy, Fix, Sell4Fee: $45This course takes you through the process of buying a distress property, fixing it up, and selling it for profit.Register
Investment Property Practice and Management12Fee: $85.00Course explains advantages and disadvantages of investments in real estate, helps you identify four main categories of investment property, how to calculate rent per square foot and rent due on percentage leases, and much more concerning Investment Property.Register
Understanding Credit and Improving Credit Scores3Fee: $35.00Help agent understand how credit scores operate; help client understand credit repair, identify negative information, explain Fair Credit Billing Act & Fair Credit Reporting Act; and know five ways clients can enhance their credit scores.Register
Understanding Todays Investor4Fee: $45Help agents understand investors, how they operate, help real estate agents avoid potential ethical violations. Register
TREC Core 2017-20186 This course highlights important topics Tennessee real estate licensees need to know including TREC laws rule property management disclosures principal broker supervision and license recognitionRegister

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